Save Your Sight with Laser Vision Correction and Eyeglasses in Springfield, MA

Entrust your vision concerns to the capable hands of BayState Eye Care Group in Springfield, Massachusetts. From eye exams to vision correction surgery, we provide the best in optometry for adults and children alike.

Save Your Sight

The gift of sight is precious, yet we tend to take it for granted. Many serious vision problems are symptom-free and thus go undetected. With a dilated comprehensive eye exam, a doctor is able to examine eye health and vision. Remember the key to saving sight is with early detection and treatment; that is where we come in. At BayState Eye Care Group, we are specially trained to diagnose and treat a wide variety of diseases and disorders. Our care includes:

Eyeglasses on an eye chart in Springfield, MA
• Cataract Surgery with Multifocal &
• Astigmatism Correcting
   Intraocular Lenses
• Routine Eye Exams
  (for Adults & Children)
• Medical & Cosmetic
• Laser Vision Correction
• Free Laser Vision Screening
• Cornea Transplants
• Eye Muscle Disorders
• Cataract Lenses
• Children's Eye Disorders
• Diabetic Eye Exams
• Retinal & Vitreous Surgery
• Juvederm™ & Restylane™
• Diabetic Laser Surgery
• Advanced Glaucoma Testing
• Corneal Disorders
• Botox™


Full Service Optical Shoppe

Protective Eyewear and Sports Eyewear: 
• Rec Specs
• Aquatic Goggles
• Ski Goggles
A wide variety of lens types:
• Transition
• Polarized
• Scratch Resistant
• Anti-reflective
• Astigmatic
• High Index
Multi-vision Lenses:
• Bifocal
• Trifocal
• Progressive
• Computer
• Driving

A Sample of Some of the Lines We Carry

• Juicy Couture  
• Saks Fith Avenue
• John Varvatos    
• Oakley
• Liberty Sport
• Banana Republic
• Disney
• Easy Twist
• Silhouette
• Jones New York
• Tommy Hilfiger
• Diva
• Vera Wang
• Ray Ban
• Cazal
• Carrera
• Liz Claiborne
• Ellen Tracy

Featuring a full service children's corner.

Contact us for detailed eye exams and vision correction care from our experienced professionals.